The Start of Something New | Happy New Year 2014

Welcome and Happy New Year!  Last year included several changes and additions for us including; moving to North Carolina, adding pets to our family, and the most recent change of buying our first home.  All of these changes were leading up to our dream of starting a backyard homestead.  Now here we are in a new year and I couldn’t be more excited to put our plans into action and document our successes [and failures] along the way.


GOALS for 2014:

–  Fence in our yard.

–  Build a chicken coop and start our backyard flock.

–  Build several raised garden beds.

–  Grow most of our own produce.

–  Learn to can and ferment foods.

–  Become a part of the local sustainable groups.

Yes, we have big dreams and a lot of hard work is about to begin but, learning and growing together as a family is going to make this a great year.  Follow me, learn with me, grow with me, and let’s all start to become closer to this beautiful land God created for us.


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