Fellow Blogger Love | What I’m Reading

With technology today there is such a wealth of information in our pockets everywhere we go and I take advantage of it.  There is a long list of Homestead bloggers that I follow and their posts have been so helpful in the planning of our future backyard homestead.I use BlogLovin.com as a way to follow all of these blogs easily but there are several different readers available.

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Make sure to head to each of these blogs, read some of their awesome post, follow them, and let them know I sent you!

The Elliott Homestead – This is my Go To homesteading blog.  Shaye gives lots of detailed How-To’s on every topic you could possibly imagine.  They’re also a christian family with a beautiful perspective on why they live the life they do.  Shaye has also written a cookbook titled ‘From Sratch’ that I HIGHLY recommend picking up.

The Homesteading Hippy – This family lives in more of a rural area, which is a great read for us since we also live in the city.  Lots of good information about raising poultry and rabbits and information about canning which I can’t wait to get into!

A Little Ray to Brighten Your Day – A new blog [like myself] and a local close friend blogging about her families journey on buying their farm house and beginning their homesteading journey.  I love the updates about her family and it’s great to have someone close by who shares the same dream so we can learn and share ideas together.

While you’re over on Blog Lovin following these three great blogs, make sure to add mine to the list – Follow me on Blog Lovin!


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