Preparing for Spring | Raised Garden Beds

I have been anxiously waiting to have a real garden for a very long time.  I’m not a very good gardener by any means but I am very excited to try and hopefully produce fresh produce for my family to enjoy.  My husband and I had been talking about the details for a few weeks and I’ve been watching the sun pattern to find the optimal placement in our yard.  Well the time was finally right and my husband put together my raised garden planters!


Above is the image I stared at for a long time to decide our garden bed placements.


We decided to make four garden beds and each bed would be 6 ft x 4 ft and 12 inches high.  I kept going back and forth about if I should make the beds taller but after seeing them put together I think it will be just right.



My husband choose to use treated lumber so that it lasts, but then wrapped the insides with plastic to keep any unwanted chemicals out of our produce.  We also lined the entire area with plastic and plan to put rocks or some other filler around the beds and finish it off with a fence to keep out our goofy great dane ‘Dixie’.


I think they turned out really great and I can’t wait for Spring so we can start planting!


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