The Book That Started It All | What I’m Reading

I’ve been kind of toying with the idea of homesteading for a while but didn’t really think it was very likely.  I lightly read some blogs and pinned farming stuff on Pinterest but that was the extent of the dream.  Then I picked up a book for enjoyment and it ended up being so informative and REAL.

The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Faming, Food, and Love by: Kristin Kimball


[image courtesy]

The Dirty Life is a book about the start up year of Essex Farms.  Mix of country boy meets city girl and packed full of trial and error this was an amazing read.  Essex Farms is a 600 acre farm that is fully draft horse powered and provides a CSA that feeds over 200 people in New York.  In this memoir Kristin Kimball holds nothing back and tells you the good, bad, and ugly of starting up a farm and not really knowing about anything you’re doing.  Kristin is relatable, funny, and down to earth as she tells her story.

After you pick up this book make sure to check out and learn more about Essex Farms.


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