Southern Snow Days | Family Time

They had been predicting the great North Carolina ‘blizzard’ for days now and I was even started to believe them that maybe it was coming.  Due to the lack of machines and city employees to handle snow and ice they called off school in anticipation of the snow.  All day we waited while it remained sunny and warm.  Then as the kids were getting ready for bed we looked outside to see …  SNOW!  Okay, it was a really light drizzle of freezing rain, but the kids were excited and ran outside.  Time for bed the kids laid down anxious and hopefully for what they would wake up to in the morning.  Sure enough, bright and early, they came running in our rooms yelling snow!


Sure it was only 2.5 inches, but after living in California for a couple of years and now the South, these Michigan kids were excited to go out and play.




I’m not a big fan of snow, or the cold, but when you get to see your kids so happy it makes the once a year event not so bad.  Now the warmth of spring can come so we can start planting our garden!



[ Hope everyone is staying warm and safe out there! ]


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