Treats from the Farm | Goat Milk Caramels

I have been following The Simple Farm’s blog for a while now, they’re a 3 acre goat farm in Scottsdale, Arizona.  When they started they didn’t intend on starting a farm but after growing some food for themselves, raising backyard hens, and getting diary goats that all changed.  Along with raising goats they also open their home and farm to the community once a week to host a little market and welcome people to their home.  And if they weren’t busy enough, they also hosts sustainability workshops to help others learn how to grow and raise their own food.  If I’m ever in Arizona I’ll definitely be making a visit to this adorable little farm.

But even living far from this farm you can still enjoy some of what they have to offer.  The Simple Farm sells Goat Milk Caramels!

Caramels1These caramels are melt in your mouth delicious.  All organic ingredients from goats they raise themselves.  Each batch hand made and individually hand wrapped.  I definitely recommend reading their Caramel Story and while you’re there order a bag … or ten.  They’re that good friends!


Caramels3I just love reading stories of “accidental farmers”.  Makes me dream that much more of our little backyard homestead turning into a much bigger backyard farm.



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