Making the World More Colorful | DIY

With Valentines in a couple days I wanted to share what my children decided to create to hand out to their classmates this year.  Homesteading is all about making things from scratch, keeping things simple, buying less from the big box stores, and using what you have.  So I was excited when my oldest daughter brought this great idea to me.


If you have kids then you probably have several broken pieces of old crayon laying around.  We decided to recycle all those little pieces into these heart shaped crayon’s.  This is a very simple project that even your youngest children can help with.


First you need to peel off all the paper on your crayons.  We noticed some crayons were easier than others but it was good for fine motor skills and kept the girls occupied while they concentrated on the task.


We bought this inexpensive, silicone, heart shaped mold at Wal Mart.  At first we put the crayons in a plastic bag and squished them with a rolling pin but I quickly realized that was causing the crayons to become too small.  For best color results you can just break the crayons into pieces that fit into the molds.  I let the girls decide what colors to put together, they had a lot of fun guessing what they would look like once melted.

Then simply place the mold on a baking sheet and into a preheated oven at 350 degrees for approximately 10 minutes.  Let the crayons cool completely before trying to remove them from the molds, for quicker results you can place them in the freezer.

Crayons4And there you go, quick and simple Valentines.  These are also great to make for yourself as a well to use up those broken crayons.  Have fun finding what colors look best together and even trying to make designs.  My girls had a blast.

Happy Valentines Day!


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