Growing a Bit of Sunshine Indoors | Avocado Project

We’re now on day three of our snow days here in North Carolina.  Or should I call them ice days?  My family and I got to enjoy playing in some of the soft fluffy snow early yesterday, but soon that snow turned to freezing rain.  Today it seems as though the entire state is covered in a thick sheet of ice.  All I know is that I’m counting down to Spring and there’s still 35 days until then!  So after eating some avocado with our breakfast I decided to clean off the pit and grow our own little avocado tree so I can pretend it’s a little warmer than it really is.


This is so easy to do at home, so if you love avocados I recommend giving it a try.  Just clean off your avocado pit really well.  Then stick 4 toothpicks into opposite sides.  And place in a container full of water so that the pit is at least half way submerged.

A2Now this is a game of patience, so be prepared to wait.  It can take as long as 6 weeks until you see any roots or sprouts forming.  Just continue to keep your plant in a sunny place and fill the water daily.  This is also a great project to do with children and they will be so excited when they start to see the avocado tree grow.



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