“My How You’ve Grown!” | Learning Chickens

We’ve had our girls for three weeks now and it’s amazing how quickly they’ve grown.  We’re having so much fun watching their feathers come in and getting a glimpse of what they’ll look like when fully grown.  Each one has their own little personality too so it’s already been such a joy having them around.  I thought I’d post their growth from their first week to now so you can watch their fluffy butts turn into beautiful feathers along with us.


‘Kawaii’ our Cinnamon Queen

‘Ghost’ our Cuckoo Maran

‘Elektra’ our Buff Brahma
ChickClaraBellTriptych‘Clara Bell’ our Buff Orpington

I think Spring is ready to make it’s appearance here so we’ve been busy getting ready for it!  The raised garden beds are filled with nutritious soil, the fence started going up this past weekend, and the girls coop is in the works!  What are you doing to prepare for Spring?


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