Technology and the Homestead | Everyday

It seems like everywhere we look, everywhere we go, we’re using some form of advance technology.  Heck!  Most everyone has a smart phone now a days.  We’re always just a couple clicks away from a wealth of information.  At times it’s nice to get away from it all, but we can also take advantage of all there is to offer. Homesteading?  Yep, there’s an app for that!

I recently came across some amazing apps that I think can help each one of us out.  I do a lot of stuff with pen and paper but when I’m outside and the wind is blowing it all around it’s nice to have all that information right at my finger tips in a single device.  Here are five apps I love and best of all, they’re FREE:


  • Vegetable Garden Calculator – If you’re having a hard time trying to decide how many of each vegetable you need to plant in order to feed your family this app will be a life saver!  There are over 90 vegetables and herbs to choose from and is a very simple program to use.


  • Egg Vestment – For all of the backyard chicken keepers out there this is a must have app.  You can track your egg count and any investments such as food, housing, and cost of new chicks.  The app then gives you your cost per egg which is great if you ever think of selling them.screen568x568
  • Garden Minder – If you prefer to garden in raised beds like myself, this is a great app from Gardeners Supply.  Think of it as a journal for all information about your raised beds.  It has a visual planning tool, a mobile journal, and even some How To’s for your garden.


  • Planting Planner – If you garden you need to download this app right now.  In it you will have a database of plants including vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  With GPS capabilities you can know the frost date for your exact area which is a great feature right now as we try to determine when to plant outdoors.  You can also save your garden information within the app to remember planting dates and when to harvest.
  • screen568x568-1
  • Poultry Pal – An app brought to you by Souther States it’s great for the backyard chicken flock. Here you can track and keep information on each flock member, track egg production, make shopping list, and find information about several different breeds.  This is a great way to manage information about your chickens.






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