Kids In The Garden | What I’m Reading

We are on a single digit countdown to Spring my friends and I can only hope that mother nature’s calendar is in sync with ours.  Weather has been pretty mild here in North Carolina but I know several other states are still covered in feet of snow and expecting more!  I don’t think anyone minds if they don’t get the record for most snow fall EVER!  It’s definitely been a long dreary season though and everyone in my home is itching to spend days outside.

A great way to kick off Spring is starting your garden.  I’ve spent the past few weeks filling my raised beds with soil, starting seeds indoors, and deciding what all we’ll be planting this year.  Besides feeding my family fresh produce straight from our back yard I also hope to get my children really involved and teach them to love gardening.  I think the biggest concerns American’s should have during these technology run and instant gratification days is “Will the next generation be able to survive if it all disappeared?”  Sadly I’m afraid they might not, but with the growing trend of homesteading I’m hoping that will change.

The best way to get our children involved is to make it fun.  So today I wanted to share a great book to full of themed gardens and plant tee-pees.  I hope this year you take the time to teach your children the importance of all the plants around us and where our food comes from.


Roots, Shoots, Buckets & Boots by Sharon Lovejoy – In this colorful and lovely illustrated book there are 12 theme gardens to plant with your little ones.  Also within the pages is a chapter on gardening basics and information about several different types of plants.  This Spring get in the garden with your children and get dirty!



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