New Fluffy Additions | Learning Chickens

From the start I knew my flock wouldn’t be complete without a colorful egg layer.  So when there was news of Easter Eggers hatching at Fayetteville Poultry Chicks I knew I had to have them.  Easter Eggers aren’t technically a true breed of chicken.  Also often known as ‘Rainbow Layers’ they are a mix breed.  Essentially descendants of Araucana’s and Ameraucana’s on one side and any other breed on the other side.  According to the Easter Eggers Club of America this breed is the most popular in America today.  What makes them a desirable addition to most backyard flocks is that they can lay a wide range of colors, including: blue, green, and pink.

Here are our babies at 3 days old.


I know everyone in the family will be so excited to see our first colorful egg laid and I’m so anxious to find out what color each girl will decide to lay.  Dixie seems interested to find out also as she warms up to our newest babies.



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