Perfected Kale Chips | Recipe Share

My family and I were introduced to kale a few years ago and we’re definitely in love.  Ha Ha  I’ve been making my kale chips the same way since but was never super happy with the outcome.  Don’t worry though friends, I have now perfected the kale chip and I’d love to share this simple recipe with you.  Just be advised; it is best to bake kale chips when no one else is around or your family will eat them faster than you can make them!



You will need:

  • Kale of course.  Remember that once cooked the kale reduces in size so grab a couple bunches to work with.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Salt [Or other seasoning.  Have fun playing around to figure out what your family likes best.


First remove the kale leaves from the stem and tear leaves into bite size ‘chip’ pieces.  Then wash and dry your kale [a salad spinner is handy during this process].  Lay your kale chip pieces on a baking sheet, do not pile kale on top of each other or the result will be soggy chips.  Very lightly drizzle your extra virgin olive oil.  Then a light sprinkling of salt or other seasoning.  Tip:  A little goes a long way.

Bake kale at 300 degrees.  I have found if you bake for 10 minutes, turn your pan, then bake another 10 minutes you end up with perfectly crisp kale that stays crisp for days [if your chips last that long sitting around].


Then of course; Enjoy!  Kale can be found at farmers markets year round and is cold hardy so can be grown in your garden late into fall, or even winter in temperate climates.


2 thoughts on “Perfected Kale Chips | Recipe Share

    • Of course! Parsnips, Carrots, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Beets …. the list goes on. I have only baked Kale chips myself but will definitely need to test out a new veggie soon!

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