Being Handmade | What I’m Reading

When I came across an older title from the same author whose written other books I love, I knew it needed to be added to my personal library.  Luckily I found it used on Amazon for only $2.60!  [If you didn’t know you could purchase used books on Amazon and are a book hoarder like myself you have to check it out!]

Jenna Woginrich has written books such as; Chick Days, One Woman Farm, and Barnheart.  All of which I highly recommend.  Now I’m reading another one of her books called Made From Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life and I’m so excited to dig deeper into it.


Within the pages of this book you can find how to’s on chickens, gardening, beekeeping, rabbits, and so much more!  But this isn’t only a book filled with amazing information to help you get started in homesteading, it is also filled with stories of the authors transition from city living to farm girl.  Stories that make us feel closer to the author and read how fulfilling life can be when you slow down and take the time to learn a few basic country skills.

If you love Jenna’s books make sure to also read her blog Cold Antler Farm to learn more about what life’s like on her personal farm.


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