Foraging for Wild Garlic in your Own Back Yard | Everyday

As the weather clears you may be noticing a fast growing weed taking over your yard and you might be surprised by what it really is.



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When we first noticed these weeds and started trying to pull them up we confused them with onions.  Our children thought it was the neatest thing and used them to create ‘recipes’ in the back yard and also roasted them on the fire to eat.

Upon further research I found that these weeds are actually Wild Garlic [Allium vineale].  Both the Wild Garlic and Wild Onion look similar with bulbs and an onion smell.  The best way to tell the two apart is to look at the leaves; wild onion has flat, solid leaves and wild garlic has round, hollow leaves.



[image courtesy of]

Since wild garlic is very evasive and hard to control I have a better option for you!  Why not eat it?  Use it in pesto, as a garnish in soup, or roasted up with some potatoes.

For information on other edible wild plants check out this book by Lee Allen Peterson: A Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants


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