Growing Sugar Snap Peas | In The Garden

It has been far too long since I’ve posted on the blog and I’m so sorry for that.  All of a sudden life got busy here.  Working on the house and yard, then the kids got sick, and now we’ve been having a lot of rain and storms.  But it’s growing season and there’s no time for rest so while the sky cleared up for a little bit this morning I wanted to get out there and check on my garden.  I am constantly amazed how quickly my garden has grown in just a month, I’m anxiously awaiting our first harvest!

One of my favorite seeds I’ve sown this year is Sugar Snap Peas.  I sowed my snap pea seeds on April 4th this year.  Such a quick growing plant and it’s fun to check on it everyday so I wanted to give some quick tips about growing snap peas.


I picked up a seed pack of Burpee – Sugar Daddy Stringless Peas.  Stringless was exciting to me since I know the kids will mainly be eating these right off the vine.  These seeds produce a fairly compact plant and can be grown up a trellis or as a bush.  I’ve decided to grow mine up a folding trellis, this will make harvesting easier and I can grow more peas in limited space.


Once you have your seeds and your last frost date is at least 4 weeks away; sow seeds in full sun and in average soil.  I planted 2 seeds along each stake of my trellis.  Cover the seeds with 2 inches of soil and water generously.  Seedlings should emerge within 7-14 days.



Peas do not need to be overly watered and will generally do fine with regular rainfall.  If there hasn’t been rain be sure to give them a good drink once a week.  Peas grow very quickly and usually out pace weeds but be sure to keep your pea patch fairly weed free.

Maybe the peas have been my favorite so far because they are practically no maintenance and a quick grower.  This is great for my first time garden.  Actually though, I’ve been pretty proud of my gardens progress and I hope everyone else is off to a great growing season!


And don’t let all this rain get you down …  remember April showers bring May flowers!


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