A Chickie Update | Learning Chickens

With all the excitement of warm weather and gardening the chickens have taken a back burner on the blog, so I figured it was time for a quick update.

Chickens8Thankfully they’re all out of the house now and loving it.  Our four oldest girls are 12 weeks and the two Easter Eggers are now 8 weeks old.  It was a little rough start introducing the younger chicks to the coop, but after a couple days everyone started getting along.  And best news is; it seems we ended up with all pullets!  Yay!  That’s always the biggest worry for a backyard chicken keeper since we can’t have roosters in the city.



According to my family I’m a crazy chicken lady, but I do talk to my chickens in our own little chicken language and I’m pretty positive they talk back to me.  🙂

It’s funny watching how they all stick to their little groups though.  The four oldest tend to stay close to each other and the two little girls are attached at the hip.



Usually when we’re home you’ll see all the chickens free range in the yard.  They’re our own personal bug control and they love eating anything fresh out of the lawn.  None of our chickens seem to enjoy being picked up, it’s usually a chase, but I love watching them run around and play.  Anyone who says chickens don’t have feelings has never sat and watched a flock run around.  They have fear and protect each other.  They have love and a bond with their sisters.






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