Meal Worms | Learning Chickens

Ever since starting this backyard homesteading venture I get packages in the mail that may be weird to some.  A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest on Lisa Steele’s blog, Fresh Eggs Daily, and was so excited when she contacted me that I had won.  What was the contest for?  Chubby Meal Worms!  I guess the contest was more for the chickens than me, but happy chickens are good for the homestead.

Chubby Meal WormsOur chickens don’t get a ton of treats., they mainly eat their grower feed and whatever extras come out of the garden, but every once in a while I like to spoil them.  Dried meal worms are a great treat for chickens in moderation.  Keep in mind your hens living arrangements.  Are your chickens are in a coop most of the day or free ranging?  You don’t want to over feed treats to hens that spend most of their day in a smaller space.  A good rule of thumb is to feed only a tablespoon, per hen, a day of any high protein treats.


Chickens will be overly thankful for even the smallest offerings of treats.

If you’re a chicken lover like myself, make sure to head on over to Fresh Eggs Daily and Chubby Meal Worms!



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