Egg-citing News! | Learning Chickens

The hard work, patience, daily care, treats, and love have finally paid off.  We got our first eggs!


I wasn’t even going to start checking daily until next week when our oldest girls turned 18 weeks old, and even then wasn’t expecting to see anything for a little longer.  But our flock must have known we were ready and took a vote and a couple girls decided they’d go ahead and be early layers.

Chickens can begin egg production anywhere from 16-24 weeks depending on breed.  I’m not yet sure which chickens are being kind to us with their gift of eggs but I’m definitely thankful and they all got a special treat of cracked corn after the discovery.


When a chicken begins egg production, early results can be somewhat unpredictable. Laying cycles, which are typically 24 to 26 hours to produce a single egg, may not be consistent. Egg size may be quite small at first and occasionally you’ll get one with its membrane intact but lacking a shell. Once chickens have settled into their egg laying routine you can expect to receive an egg a day per laying hen in your flock.

Some facts about eggs:

  • Brown eggs are not healthier than white eggs.  Different breeds lay different color of eggs but there is no difference in the flavor or nutritional value.
  • While white and brown eggs are the standard seen in stores, eggs can be many different colors including: pink, blue, or green!
  • Older chickens lay bigger eggs.  As a hen ages her eggs will increase in size.
  • Most backyard and free range chickens from farms will lay a vibrant orange yolk.  This does not mean they are more nutritional but it is an indicator of the chickens diet.
  • Unsure if your eggs are fresh?  Drop the egg in a bowl of water; fresh eggs will sink and as the egg gets older it will start to float.
  • Eggs are packed with protein, iron, and 38 other vitamins and minerals.  The saying should be; “An egg a day keeps the doctor away.”

Hopefully the other girls will soon follow the trend of laying eggs, but for now I’m just as excited to see a couple in their nest boxes every morning because I know that soon we’ll be in an abundance of fresh eggs!


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