Finding Eggs Outside the Nesting Box | Learning Chickens

My main motto for backyard chicken keeping is the best eggs come from happy chickens.  And while I’m unable to let our flock free range full time, I let them out as often as possible to roam the yard.  There are so many benefits to free range chickens, [which I’ll have to do a post about sometime] but with free range chickens comes just a couple issues which we figured out yesterday evening.

While doing some yard work my husband noticed something behind our propane tank.  There they were, 2 blue eggs!  First I told the two possible culprits they were in trouble, but that didn’t last long because I quickly was just happy to know they were laying more than I thought.

Olive and Arrow, our two Easter Eggers, started laying about 2.5 weeks ago and it was the most exciting discovery to find one of their pretty blue eggs.  Unfortunately it was found dirty from being kicked around in the run.  After that they found the nesting box and all was good until we discovered their hidden spot.  Hopefully they decided the nesting box is much more comfortable and stick to laying there most of the time.

I had no idea how long the eggs had been there but thankfully there is a super easy at home test that only takes a minute.

Simply place your eggs in a container of water.  If they float to the top they’re bad and should be disposed of.  If they stay laying flat on the bottom they’re fresh!  I was so happy to find that these pretty blue eggs were still good.

[Remember:  Once eggs have been washed they do need to be stored in the refrigerator.]

I found the following image from a google search, original source unknown.  This is a great diagram to help judge your eggs freshness.




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