You Don’t Use a Microwave? | Everyday


Everyone who visits our home seems to share the same shock and confusion when they notice we don’t have a microwave.

“You don’t have a microwave?”

“How can you live without a microwave?”

“I have an extra microwave, YOU can have it for FREE!”

Now I know the world has become very dependent on technology and not having to wait for anything, but I promise you it wasn’t the end of the world when I decided to take the microwave out of our home.


  • Causes damage to the nutrients in food.
  • Makes food harder to digest.
  • Exposure to radiation.
  • “MAY” cause cancer [not scientifically proven].

Below is a great graphic showing the amount of nutrients destroyed during different cooking methods:


  [ source of image ]

Think about it for a minute.  Humans are the only animal in the world that purposely goes out of it’s way to destroy the nutritional value of their food before eating it.  All other animals consume their food in it’s natural and un-processed state.  Makes sense why humans are so unhealthy.

Did you know Russia at one point banned the use of microwaves?  The ban was lifted in the 90’s but the evidence that led to ban still remains.

Now is using a microwave really bad for?  I don’t know; I’m not a scientist.  But I do know I like our food better when heated in the oven.  I also like not having a big ol’ microwave taking up space in the kitchen.

So we may be a little bit crazy and we might take a little longer to prepare food but sometimes it feels good to go back to the basics and simpler times.



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