Goat Farm Tour at Paradox Farms | Everyday

A few weeks ago I was so excited to take my family to a Farm Day event at a local dairy goat farm.  The weather was perfect and the staff was so welcoming.  Welcome to Paradox Farms; home of the NC State Fair goat milk fresh cheese 1st place ribbon!


Once arriving on this working farm you were able to visit with each section that makes up the creamery while also getting to walk along the free range flock of chickens roaming the grounds.  I felt so at home in the environment.  First you were greeted by the does [or nannies] who absolutely loved all the attention that the children were giving them.

After giving the goats some lovins we were able to tour the entire cheese making process from the milking room to the cheese caves.  I loved the family feel of the farm and how the staff was happy to answer any questions we had about the goats or the cheese making process.  It was such a great learning experience for both myself and my children.

Upon leaving the cheese making room there were the bucks, but the kids were more interested in petting the newest addition to the farm which was a Blue Heeler cattle dog.  We then proceeded to play with some of the kid goats in their pen.  They sure are a funny animal to watch, so much personality.


A creamery tour is not complete though without some taste testing.  It was no wonder this creamery received 1st place at the state fair. They produce both a Chevre [seasoned and un-seasoned] and a Feta.

My family and I loved our time touring the farm, it was such a pleasure and a great way to spend the day outside.  We want to thank Paradox Farms for their generous hospitality and hope to visit again soon!



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